Contact centres are the interface of the people with the service representatives of companies

Dec/16/2020 04:38:49

Ipscape is the name of the technology company headquartered in Sydney Australia. Ipscape was founded in the year 2005, with the aim of changing the way contact centres operate. Ipscape has moved the contact centres into the virtual arena. The contact centre can operate virtually means that there need not be a physical office for the contact centres. The agents can be located remotely and the Information technology personnel and facilities can be moved to the cloud. The Australian call centre software is the one that the world relies on. Ipscape has offices in twenty seven countries and through their partners they operate in most parts of the world. Contact centres are dynamic and crucial industries, these are the places where customers are acquired in the outbound call centres and serviced in the inbound call centres. With the Information technology infrastructure and personnel moving to the cloud and the agents located remote is truly a technological marvel. Among the inbound software the Ipscape has IVR that can be customised to resolve some of the repetitive issues that most of the customers call for and these can be automated.
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