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Feb/01/2021 21:16:18

covid rehab centre Chennai states that 2020 the whole world has gone through the catastrophe of the Covid pandemic. All the countries have traveled through different stages of the coronavirus infection, there are so many nations that have stepped into covid phases. WHO had stated that 5% of the patients are critically ill and 10% to 5% of patients have the ailments. It generally takes six weeks to attain the recovery phase. Some patients discomfort the symptoms which last for months or weeks. Long covid with the long term effect could be observed with the covid patients who have acute, mild symptoms of the infections.Some of the individuals may even be at the risk for longer-term impairment. Though the extent of impairment over the post-Covid phase is not clearly known, that research made them clear which have the infected patients that are about to require rehabilitation over phases of acute,post-acute, long-term, and namely. Let us have the look at which we exactly manifest the long covid and rehabilitation after covid and the post covid physiotherapy that can be effective which rehabilitates the patient.
covid rehab centre Chennai says that covid rehabilitation is the set of interventions that are developed particularly that minimize the normal functioning and disability in the patient called rehabilitation. The patient recovers from covid infection and experiences the residual symptoms of rehabilitation that is the key strategy that minimizes the impact of the covid-19 on the health of the individual and body function. Physiotherapy plays a major role in the efforts of rehabilitation over the different stages that facilitate the support, earlier discharge, and improving the psychological and physical abilities. This reduces the readmission risk.

Long covid manifestations

There are some effects in which the patients experience coronavirus infections.

Issues on the respiratory system due to long covid

Pulmonary embolism:
When the blockage in pulmonary arteries of lungs, due to blood clots traverse to the lung from veins in legs, suffer pulmonary embolism. This may cause shortness of breath, cough, and chest pain.

Pulmonary artery hypertension:

This results in blood pressure in the lungs of patients which results in obstruction in the lungs. This may cause shortness of breath, chest pressure, and dizziness.

Lung fibrosis:
Condition that lungs turn scarred in every individual patient and they are to suffer from fatigue, weight loss, and shortness of breath.

Issues on Cardiovascular system of long covid

Cardiac failure:
When the muscles of the heart fail to pump blood, it is called congestive heart failure or cardiac arrest.

This is the ailment of the muscles of the heart which makes this harder for the heart to pump blood to other parts of the body. Swollen legs, feet, bloated stomach, breathlessness are few common symptoms.

This makes you suffer from a pounding sensation in the chest.

Myocarditis: When you are suffering from heart muscle inflammation which will reduce the ability of the heart to pump, this will result in heart rhythms that are abnormal.

Effects of covid on Musculoskeletal and others

Excessive fatigability, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Myalgia, Polyarthritis. Other effects of the covid include prolonged taste and smell loss and some other serious issues which involve the mini-strokes and new-onset diabetes.

Effects of covid on Mental health:

Flashbacks, severe anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder which is a psychological health condition that results in flashbacks, anxiety, and nightmares.Anxiety, irritability, depression, sleep disturbance, and reduced consciousness.

Effects of Covid on the Nervous system:

Severe neurological complication involves delirium, strokes, nerve damage, and brain inflammation. It also involves short-term memory loss, poor quality of sleep, reduced attention span, loss of ability to sense and smell, cognitive blunting, and impairment. Poor quality of sleep and stroke syndrome.
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