There are times of transition that makes people understand that the value of automation

Feb/03/2021 23:09:53

Control freq is the company that works as the systems installers of the solutions providers. They have been working no these for the last twenty years. CBUS is the name of the lighting control systems made by Schneider Clipsal. CBUS smart lighting includes the pack of sensors and switching controllers. There are lights especially the LED lights that are dimmed and lighted by the digital switch controllers. There are times when people are more than prepared to adopt the latest technologies that saves them effort and energy that comes with automation. Control freq has been instrumental in making people adopt the smart lighting control systems. The smart lighting control systems are being marketed under the guise of home automation and smart building solutions. In case of buildings the automation saves tons of energy. Energy saved is money saved hence even the factories and warehouses are adopting the smart lighting solutions from Schneider Clipsal and Phillips Dynalite. There are standards of smart lighting solutions and one of them is the DALI systems. DALI systems can control up to sixty four points of lights with a single controller.
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