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Feb/16/2021 20:16:36

Our food ordering marketplace script provides separate login for the owners of the restaurant. They can easily manage the food order system by employing a elaborate dashboard and admin panel. The restaurant owner will simply add and edit details like image, address, and get in touch with details. Options such as simply adding , editing and deleting the menu listing, price, image, special dish and plenty of additional features are present in our script.We build them based on the order and requirements of the client .The admin can manage and modify the discounts, vouchers, promo codes from the back end through our on-line Food Ordering and Delivery System.Being a top food delivery script developer in the industry for numerous years we have a clientele of more than thousands ranging from different countries.

The owner will be notified and read the order received, total quantity attained for every order and additional and also the owner has the management to handle and manage the food ordering portal.Even with minimal technical data, the owner can handle and manage the order, payment, commission, and coverage of several orders.

The admin are given secure admin login, profile setting with major options, dashboard for the final settings, and plenty of additional. while not having to worry about technical data. The web site administrator can handle and manage different things such as order, payment settings, commission, coupon & discount provide, chase delivery, and coverage. The admin can set the commission rate for the desired restaurant partner and edit the list of hotel menus.

The software of our Food Delivery Portal Development is incredibly engaging, easy ,safer and more secure than any other site on the internet. The administrator can easily come to know about the payments made to his restaurant through the portal.The revenue models of the food ordering system is very beneficial for the web site owner and the comission from the restaurant help him to generate profit.Third party promotion, and on-site restaurant promotion is present in our script.You can earn high income on return from investing in our script.

Benefits of getting our food ordering system :

Advance Ordering
The registered user will search the foods and restaurant category by town wise, class and subcategory and filter by ratings, and plenty of other things related to the ordering system.

Mobile Optimized

Our Food Ordering and Delivery System is completely mobile responsive so it'll be viewed across all varieties of mobile devices, desktops and tablets

Social Media Integration

The client will provide real feedback for the food ordering system and may acquire the required data through our social media integration.

Easy Customization

The source code of the Food Ordering and Delivery platform is custom-built in line with the customers desires and business goals in mind.

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