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Mar/03/2021 20:24:23

We have developed a replacement script that mimics the options and functionalities of Fiverr. This Fiverr Clone script permits your guests to post jobs that needs to be seen by job seekers. This script is developed with a responsive style that suits most of the devices be it mobile phones, laptops or iPads. With the easy navigation users will access the web site with simple and search for jobs in a very hassle-free manner. There are number of the options that are available within our script for payment such as PayPal payment, integration, supports multiple currencies, with unlimited variety of classes and sub-categories that craves for a lot of users for the web site. This script is capable of running effortlessly with ten million user databases.

Our Fiverr clone php script is very simple to run and doesn’t involve a lot of technical information. We have a tendency to understand the client’s requirement and make sure your web site reaches out to the small job seekers and freelancers as it is very important. Hence, we've developed our script with SEO-friendly structure and it's optimized in accordance with Google standards that makes the web site come back on top of the search results from search engines. You don’t have to worry regarding the visibility and measurability of your business. We've got this script integrated with many revenue models like banner advertisements, Membership fees, Google AdSense, commission for every project that may be set by the admin.Many accessorial options are available in our script and we have a tendency to make our site very responsive and make sure the users feel convenient when visiting our website.We have features such as e-mail notifications, social media login and sharing, science interference, secure committal to writing, Google-friendly design to make the site very attractive to users.

Features of our Fiverr Clone Script :

Customizable software :
Customization is a crucial thing to consider when opting for a clone script.It allows the admin or website owner to edit the site to their own liking and change it based on business needs. Since the owner has access to the source code he can customize it with less technical knowledge.

Open source code :
Open source code is available upon the purchase of our script. Admin or owners can add new extensions to improve the functionality of the website. The features of source code is very easy to use as there is not much programming required to use it.

Technical support for 1 year :
We provide free tech support for more than one year and constantly update our script every six months. The owners doesn’t need to worry about updating the script as we take care of it.

Responsive web design :
Our scripts are very responsive in nature as they designed for pleasant user experience and very colourful.

Website :

Check us out at : Fiverr Clone Script

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(skype) – vsjayan

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