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Mar/18/2021 19:27:56

Ola and Uber is the most preferred and widely used mobile application for booking your cab, it changes the manner in which you travel across the town forever. Being a top readymade OLA Cab clone android application developer, our team has developed on line taxi booking code and it permits you to start out your own taxi booking like Uber and ola. This ola Clone has 3 sorts of purpose for booking, hourly booking and station booking. It helps customers to connect with taxis or different vehicles according to your own convenience. You'll be able to build Uber Clone App Script business by allowing customers to book their destination through phone, submitting the trip request and it will automatically assign to drivers to move from one destination to another. Booking can be done in a very time saving and efficient manner through this script .

If any emergency occurs during your travel period the user will simply press the button in order that their location details are shared to their emergency contact instantly. The fare estimation may be checked simply by merely coming into the script and booking to know the estimated fare section, were users will simply grasp their approximate fare details. The drivers are notified through app notification services and are given details about the customers location . If you wish to send some special messages, instruction, offers, etc. to users and drivers, it can be done with our push notification system within the back end, admin will simply trigger the notifications & emails to any or all. Feedback is one in every of the foremost options in any of the service, in our app user and driver will send feedback for every different. This will increase user registration and minimize time to form a replacement account.

Our OLA App Clone Script has custom responsive design for your taxi booking startup venture; alteration of already existing feature or addition of a totally new module in the script can be customized. We have a tendency to customize and fulfill your needs and supply relevant suggestions through unique solutions. This has separate logins for user and therefore the cab owners, will able to get details from login server. They are able to search the small details regarding the user and therefore the automobile driver and it's several options like quickly searching and gathering knowledge to know about the present location, ratings for user and drivers, booking travel request, automatic value, distance, notifications, feedback, ride currently and ride later, Google map integration, etc. We have been a top readymade Uber cab clone android application developer for numerous number of years.

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PHP Scripts Mall is one of the top most innovative business and technology firm with numerous years of experience in completing and implementation of numerous projects .We have in depth experience in developing application development and integrating it in customer server and making use of unique methods.Each member of the team is an expert in their field of domain. We have a tendency to create high functionality application through our technical expert. Our team members have nine plus years of experience in developing high quality projects for customers around the world.

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