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May/19/2021 18:10:57


Matrix Ecommerce MLM is one of the first and most important plans within the multi level marketing business. During this set up, downline members are organized in five members with nine level commission models. The user must register with the referral sponsor ID and basic details. The user’s first t five referred user are placed below their downline. when the limit exceeds, it'll be placed within the user’s horizontal downline. The commission model is 5*9 levels with spill over placement and every level commission are maintained within the admin facet and for every purchase of the product , the user can get the nine level commission-based product quantity.

php readymade matrix mlm script
The major options of this Force Matrix software system are easy registration and login possibilities , matrix details, commission management, user profile, account management, wallet statement, and cancel withdraw request, reward management, TDS deduction, BV pay out and additional things.
In our Force Matrix Ecommerce MLM software system user profile, the registered client will read the purchased product with value details, payment standing technique, and date of purchase with a class. The client will read on the product with details and might purchase through offline payment. Registered visitors will see the downline member’s details with entire info. The user are placed in structure from left to right, it’s an enclosed genealogy group tree structure. when finishing the user level can get the commission for internal tree commission.

Genealogy group STRUCTURE (5 X 9)
Multi level selling users will benefit varied levels commission wherever user get the amount commission from own (tree view) .group structure up to nine levels. Any user have purchased a product Upline nine level user can get the commission. All the nine level commission may be modifiable by admin itself.

From time to time shopper will gift you engaging offers, like rewards. it's completely different from different Reward system. Based on the client’s BV action the reward quantity are splitted by range of person within the success list . All the reward is managed by the admin panel.

A full-fledged content management system with drag and drop page and menu builder. it's straightforward to manage statics content and graphics.


Admin may also have the choice of making the User profile Id’s in admin facet itself and send to the user’s various number. Admin will add user name, secret and Phone in admin facet (user profile ID are generated automatically).
Middle of the admin dashboard has total users, active, inactive users, total products lis and reviews, and purchased products list. The admin will see the recent purchase and products with active and inactive users. within the facet of the dashboard have admin control , category, location, web site settings, user management, mail system, news, event, and products possibility, order management, contact type, and genealogy group options. We have made the script in such a way that the owner will handle and manage the php readymade matrix mlm script set up simply with minimal programming knowledge .We designed and customised the set up as easy software system for the entrepreneurs.

As a number one MLM software system supplier, we have a tendency to provide different kinds of network selling software system with new ideas and economical options. We have a tendency to provide 24*7 services to the shopper and we also provide annual technical support and 6 month free updates of the source code file we have provided and brand free MLM script.

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