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May/24/2021 18:55:01

Housejoy clone scirpt
Finding the specialists for home services and local services has increased in demand vastly during this decade, thus everyday living dependable preserved by the skilled groups. Hence venturing a reliable home services web site is usually recommended for the entrepreneurs to takeover project and obtain achieve success in the web business. Simply alter and utilize the ability of skilled specialists listing web site like Gojek clone script . We've developed specialists handling web site from the scratch with high finish customization options.

Urbanclap Clone Script
As a guests who visits our skilled services like Urbanclap Clone Script will feel that scratch that imitates the freshness. User will notice services from search filter and find several category class list, thereunder choose the any of the class that pageants members services with details. Through Housejoy Script admin will customize classes and sub classes which supports the business model, our website is often utilised for single local services or multivendor solutions like beauty and saloon, home appliances, electrical, plumbing, fitness, trade and a lot of. If you like the services of the native specialists that you wish to rent them with package list and date and time of the services handiness. Also, create payments to the service specialists with secured payment gateways. Within the GOJEK Script user dashboard, one will manage their profile and appearance out the history of services obtained.

Are you are someone who is interested to take part in local service? you have come to the right place . You can join the service by clicking “Become a professional” button present in the top corner of the Housejoy Clone Script. By continuing with valid certified details like mobile number, name, city, category, email ID and password you'll be a part of this local service professional community and every one of you involved will be approved from the admin of the web site. A professional can easily sort all the various details related to timing and booking. Plans such as annual and monthly plan are present and it is managed by the admin .

Local service listing script
Moreover clear admin dashboard aids you in managing visitors of your website,users and professional specialists . Salient options of admin dashboards provide users with graphical views of booking report, total range of user counts, sellers count, customer count, booking count, total services and a lots of other features. Admin will manage booking history, services and sub services to edit or delete, unfinished withdrawal and completed withdrawal of payment transactions. Service specialist Urbanclap Clone Script have highly responsive and user friendly CMS pages and admin will add and update the corporate profile details through settings. CMS pages includes testimonial, service pages, shop etc.

Some of the features of our script :
1)Responsive design
2)Brand free scripts
3)Provided with full source code
4)Secure payment gateway
5)Secured payment integration

About us
We have strong trust from our worldwide clients . We have also integrated PayPal payment to ensure secure dealings and to produce cumulative lead generation. As mentioned earlier on Housejoy clone Script, we tend to provide the best solutions for upcoming entrepreneurs to start out an advanced on-demand service listing web site which helps them to earn high profit financially . If You have any queries regarding the website you can email us and our team of technical experts will get back to you in a short period of time .

(INDIA) – (+91) 9841300660
(INDIA) – (+91) 979 003 3633
(Whatsapp) – (+91) 979 003 3533
(skype) – vsjayan

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