What is an off-the-plan apartment?

Jul/08/2021 01:09:37

A house or building, that is planned and under construction is called off-the-plan building. An off-the-plan apartment or house, which is under planning for the construction of physical shapes upon it by the building developer or designer. There are a few advantages, disadvantages, hazards, and attractive capabilities of purchasing off-the-plan belongings. However, an investor should also know a few simple but critical matters before making an investment in off-the-plan assets. There are multiple risks of purchasing an off-the-plan condo such as the property value can fall, the financing house can also reduce the amount of loan and deny financing, the investor can lose & not able to recover his cash if yet-to-build apartment goes bank corrupt, off-the-plan flats sometime fails to satisfy investor’s expectation after completion of construction, etc.

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