What are the 5 duties performed by concierge staff?

Jul/12/2021 19:13:13

Concierge services are one of the effective and essential services provided in various stay inns, hotels, resorts, and other professional companies. It is a personalized solution for customers, business clients, travelers, and other people to improve their services experience provided by a certain corporation, company, or brand. A person or staffs who are responsible for guiding, taking care, and supervising individual client is called concierge staff. Concierge staffs perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities for individual clients. The 5 duties concierge staffs do in hotels, restaurants, and other official companies are:

• Welcome guests & clients
• Carry luggage and guide the landmarks
• Booking reservations and other facilities for clients
• Arrange transportation, provide knowledge of local attractions
• Provide personalized solutions to complaints & issues

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