How To Make The Most of Reflexology?

Jan/25/2022 15:07:40

Reflexology massage therapy involves the application of different amounts of pressure to the hands, feet and ears. It has been based on a theory that body organs mentioned earlier are connected to specific body systems and organs. According to reflexology, applying pressure to these body parts provides a wide range of health benefits.

What are the primary benefits of reflexology?

The key benefits of reflexology are:

• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Improves overall well being
• Boost the immune system
• Brings down pain
• Lifts the mood

There are other benefits as well. You can make most of these benefits with our eminent reflexologist at Legend Physiotherapy. But there are certain techniques you need to maintain to deal with the full benefits of reflexology. Let's see what those techniques are.

How To Make The Most of Reflexology?

Reflexology focuses on healing the body through the activation of specific pressure points in the hands and feet. These reflex areas interact with our essential organs and facilities the overall functioning of our bodies. Here is

how you can reap the maximum benefits of reflexology:

1. Stay hydrated

It is always a good idea to drink plenty of water when you are undergoing reflexology. The water helps your body flush the excessive waste and toxins which are released by this treatment. You should hydrate the body even before the treatment. A hydrated body prevents excessive soreness, helps in detoxification and improves metabolic waste. You should focus on drinking half of your body weight per day in ounces.

2. Eat light food

Nourishment is very important especially when you are undergoing reflexology treatment. So try to avoid heavy meals at least for 2 hours followed by the treatment. Consuming a large meal diverts blood to the digestive tracts instead of the areas that need oxygen and nutrients. Thus, eat a light snacklike a piece of fruit or some veggies.

3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol not only has diuretic effects but can also undo the benefits received from the treatment. It is always better to avoid smoking and alcohol at least 24 hours after the treatment. Similarly, you should avoid beverages like coffee sodas and teas since these dehydrate your body and increase your heart rate. The beverages also attempt to trigger symptoms of anxiety thereby counteracting the benefits you have received from the treatment.

Reflexology acts wonder when it comes to healing your body, eliminating physical pain and reducing anxiety. However, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to gain all the benefits from the treatment. Some of the most effective tips have been discussed in this blog. Apply them and make the most of this Reflexology treatment without any hassle.

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