Advantages of installing glass roof blinds at your home

Nov/17/2022 19:30:25

These are having good ratings, and also they provide optimal fire protection for the glass in locations where bushfires are very high and risky. These come in a variety of fabrics, from fully opaque to clear materials with varying percentages of coverage. The ranges include:

1. WGM Conservatory is designed to protect against overheating making it ideal for completing glass arboreta, arbores or sundecks.

2. Sottezza II - as installed under an awning, particularly suitable for patio roofs and conservatories for adequate air circulation and thus creating a pleasant atmosphere.

3. Global-Glider is a fully tensioned screen system, especially designed for skylights and windows.

4. Giotto is the newest glass roofing system intended to be installed on glass roofs or bowers for the highest quality fit and finish.

If you live in Melbourne, with frequent changes in climate, glass roof blinds are your premise. This glass roof blinds Melbourne-wide reduce the heat gain through the glass, ensuring that windows do not break and flames do not enter the room.

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