Does family law include domestic violence?

Dec/14/2022 22:05:53

Yes! Family law includes domestic violence. If you are dealing with domestic violence, you can always do an FIR against physical or mental domestic violence. Family laws are to help you with wrong and unethical activities even if your personal life. As an individual citizen, you have the freedom to speak and ask for your rights and justice from the administration in Australia.

In Hornsby, you should be aware of laws and individual rights so that you can avoid discrimination or other problems with the help of the law. Family law is meant to provide you with protection, peace, and legal rights if things go wrong in your family, or somebody illegally turns against you.

The cases of domestic violence all over the world have increased over time. Not everybody can speak for themselves even if they know about the laws. However, if you want to live a happy life, you should fight back. Domestic violence does not only help women but men too.

Women are not the only victims of physical violence in their marriages. That’s why there is nothing to feel ashamed of speaking the truth for your individual right. You can also hire a family lawyer to give you protection or legal advice in Hornsby.

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