5 food pairing with shiraz you must try

Mar/29/2022 19:20:02

We all know how mush delicious Shiraz is! They look elegant and tastes heavenly. Shiraz has a French origin and popular in countries like Australia, Iran, Spain, etc. They are the most popular red wine and blend with other liquors such as pinot noir, merlot, etc.
Few people get really confused when it comes to pair the wines with the perfect food. The right meal enhances the taste of wines even better. So, here we will talk about the food you can pair with A glass of fresh Shiraz!
• When it comes to pair shiraz with food, barbeques come first. Chicken barbeque, braised beef, grilled meat, etc. You can also try scrumptious Argentinian beef steaks with chimichurri sauce.
• Shiraz goes best with juicy raspberries and a chocolate souffle.
• Roasted vegetables, olives and balsamic vinegar, braised oxtail with Italian herbs are also the great pair with Shiraz.
• To make your evening meal more delicious try hamburgers with a glass of Shiraz.
• Another great pair for your weekend lunch is roasted lamb with cheese, or lamb burgers with tasty tomato relish.
Therefore, you can try Shiraz whenever you want. They are dry style middle-bodied red wines that makes you feel fresh, light-hearted, and delightful. Why don’t you try a glass of Wirra Wirra RSW Shiraz to make your friends get surprised by your choice?

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