Web design and its importance in the internet age

Mar/09/2023 20:38:52

Since the internet was invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1989 at the European Center for Nuclear research, there has been a continuous evolution of the internet. Initially, there were few websites on the internet and these were static which means that there was a fixed image or a text and there was no motion in those images. As time went by, the internet became bigger and more complex, and also the speed of internet connection improved with evolving technology. In the third decade of the 21st century that we are living in right now, the internet has billions of websites of businesses around the world.

More than half of humanity uses the internet for a variety of tasks and Australians are no exception to that. In light of pervasive internet usage, having a presence on the internet is of utmost importance for businesses. To have a presence on the Internet, a website is needed which businesses have to make. Making websites is an art and science combined where the design skills of the web designer are integrated with the development science of the developers.

Sydney has a lot of technology companies that design websites for different businesses including their own. Web design in Sydney wide practiced daily and is required to scale as the changing business needs and a rapidly rising number of businesses recognize the need for a website.

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