Is it costly to hire commercial painters in Sydney?

Dec/15/2022 19:30:19

The average price you may have to pay per day to a commercial painter in Sydney starts from $70 to $100. Although, the charges differ as per the building type, painting requirement, colour personalization, and additional services!

Commercial painters are generally trained to paint offices, corporate complexes, restaurants, shops, and other condos. Their charges are generally higher than domestic painters. But, it depends on the area, painting company, and painting requirements. You may find affordable painting solutions in Sydney if you put a little more effort into finding the right painting company. The commercial building comes with greater real estate values than domestic homes, which are why renovation and paint works may also come at a higher price.

As Sydney is one of the most luxurious capital cities, you can expect a higher painting price for commercial complexes. But, it depends on the skill and experience of your painter. A highly skilled painter will definitely charge you more than a newbie or domestic painter. Also, factors like how many days of painting jobs are scheduled, the building locality, service personalization, colour & material quality, special services like advanced cleaning after painting or demand of certified painters may differ in the overall price.

So, as the average price says, you can find commercial painters Sydney-wide from fair to expensive prices depending on your painting demands and requirements!

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